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-Bookings within 2 weeks require full payment to confirm the order. This is non-refundable should you cancel but may be transferable.

-Bookings with more than 2 weeks notice require a minimum £10 deposit to confirm the order. Deposits are refundable should you cancel 2 weeks before your agreed collection/delivery date. Should you cancel within 2 weeks of this date you will lose your deposit. 

-Final payments are due the day before collection.

-Alterations to your order may be possible up until 2 weeks before your due collection/delivery date, subject to availability.

-Once your cake leaves our care, we are no longer responsible for any damage that may occur, in transport or in your home.

-Place both hands under the board of the cake/s to distribute the weight evenly when carrying. Please be careful not to press the sides of the box onto your cake as this can result in dents in your cake/s.

-When transporting the cake/s, place them in the flattest part of your car, ideally in the foot well or boot. Never place the cake/s on a seat as they are sloped and it will damage your cake.

-If you are collecting your cake and the party/event is not until the day after or more, please store the cake in the fridge until you are ready to serve. We will not be held liable for any cakes 'melting'. Be sure your cake is not near a heater or in direct sunlight when displayed.


Wedding Cake T&C's
  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to secure the commission of your cake and chosen date with Maria’s Cakes & Bakes*

  • A further 25% deposit is required at least 3 months before delivery of your cake, this date will be agreed at the time of booking

  • The remaining 50% balance is due at least 3 weeks before delivery of your cake, this date will be agreed at the time of ordering.

  • *You have a 2 week cooling-off period from the day your place your order, should you cancel within this time frame you will receive a full refund of any monies paid.

  • If cancellation takes place less than 3 weeks before the event, we reserve the right to retain 100% of the order value.

  • If you postpone the event, we will endeavour to transfer your order providing the date is suitable for ourselves, otherwise it shall be treated as a cancellation.

  • If requested, we will endeavour to adjust the design where possible.

  • Each cake is made individually and by hand, so although every effort is made to ensure consistency, a small amount of variation may occur from the design requested/picture supplied.

  • Most cakes contain small proportions of inedible items; it is the client's responsibility to ensure these are removed by your caterer/guests before consumption e.g. Support dowels in tiered cakes, cake boards, ribbon, flower picks & flower tape etc.

  • We cannot be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake at the venue once we have left the premises. Therefore we require someone responsible, to check that they are happy with the cake before we leave.

  • If you choose to collect the cake, we will not be held liable for any damage to the cake once it has left our premises. Tiered cakes are most at risk during transport.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure arrangements are made for the cake table, linen, cake stand & knife, which should all be set up prior to our arrival.

  • Our portion guides are intended as a guide only, this will vary dependent upon how the cake is cut.

  • If you plan to keep any of the cake/s tiers, please advise us what cake boxes you would like to be left on site (so that you can safely transport them the following day). Otherwise we shall remove all cake boxes from the venue to ensure we leave it as tidy as possible. 

  • Whilst every effort will be made to fulfil your order, we retain the right to cancel the booking in very unusual circumstances beyond our control, such as fire or ill health, during which we will refund any money taken in full.


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